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Community Emergency Response Team

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A nationally accredited, formally trained organization of local citizen
volunteers working with First Responders to help grow and strengthen
the public safety network in Wood County
Please note: All the information on this website refers to what Wood County CERT was trying to be before it was
shut down in April 2014, and what we intend to be when if and when the program is ever re-activated.

Members’ Pages

Meeting Information, Agendas, and Minutes

Team Officers Contact Information

Office Name eMail Home Phone Cell Phone Radio
Call Sign
Director Rick Sawyer rick.sawyer@woodcountycert.org                           (304) 481-3398 CERT-1
Deputy Director Bob Mercer bob.mercer@woodcountycert.org   (304) 588-8074 CERT-2
Operations Officer         CERT-3
Planning Officer         CERT-4
Administrative Officer         CERT-5
Logistics Officer         CERT-6
Communications Officer              CERT-7
Safety Officer         CERT-8
Public Information Officer         CERT-9
Chaplain         CERT-10
Training Officer         CERT-11
* Acting          

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