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Community Emergency Response Team

Policies and Procedures

A nationally accredited, formally trained organization of local citizen
volunteers working with First Responders to help grow and strengthen
the public safety network in Wood County
Please note: All the information on this website refers to what Wood County CERT was trying to be before it was
shut down in April 2014, and what we intend to be when if and when the program is ever re-activated.

Policies and Procedures

All Wood County CERT members should become very familiar with all of these policies and procedures. Local CERT programs have permission to copy and adapt anything on this website that may help their program.

Non-Discrimination Policy

Wood County CERT is committed to a policy of fair, whole-community representation and will not discriminate on the basis of race, ethnicity, color, age, disability, gender, religious preference, sexual orientation, geography, politics, or group affiliations (other than “supremacist” groups of any kind or groups advocating the violent overthrow of the government). All CERT members adhere to these same standards in the course of their duties. Individuals with special needs are encouraged to actively participate in the Wood County CERT program and will be assigned duties consistent with their abilities and training.

CERT Philosophy

• Discusses the philosophy of Wood Count CERT. Topics include:

• The Whole Community Approach

• Non-Discrimination Policy

• Incident Command System

• Community Preparedness

• Emergency Response

• “Special Needs” Participants

• Individual Participation Levels

Training Standard

Provides a list of the training requirements for members of the Wood County CERT program. Topics include:

• Background

• Minimum Training Requirements for All Members

• Additional Training Requirements

• Supplemental CERT Courses

Communications Plan

Discusses Wood County CERT’s plans and procedures for radio communication during both emergency responses and training exercises. Topics include:

• Individual Unit Identifiers

• Primary Operating Frequencies

• CERT Amateur Radio Net and Incident Radio Communication

• Amateur Radio Licensing

Communications Manual

In this manual we deal with the way Wood County CERT operates on four FCC-created radio communications services: the Family Radio Service or “FRS,” the General Mobile Radio Service or “GMRS,” the Amateur Radio Service (“ham” radio service), and the Public Safety Radio Service.

Callout Procedure

Describes the method to be used to activate a Wood County CERT response at the request of the Wood County Office of Emergency Management or of any other government agency in the region. Topics include:

• Background

• Policy

• Procedure Summary

• Procedure Details

Capabilities List

Provides a list of Wood County CERT response capabilities

Field Operations Guide (Draft)

The Field Operations Guide (FOG) covers operating guidelines for all Wood County Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) Members who are deployed in response to an emergency incident of any kind or magnitude, including functional drills and exercises.


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