Rick Sawyer Portrait Dr. Rick Sawyer
Messianic Torah-Teacher
Unapologetically Pro-Torah
Unashamedly Pro-Israel
Irrevocably Zionist
Rav Ari

If your life is not in jeopardy for what you believe, you’re probably on the wrong side!

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Rick Sawyer’s Consulting Service

Emergency Preparedness Consulting

Preparedness • Planning • Mitigation • Response • Recovery

RSCS provides low- or no-cost consultation to qualified emergency planning and response agencies as a public service to the community. To qualify for our no-cost services, the agency must be local and:

 • Provide emergency preparedness planning, mitigation, response, and/or recovery services to the community without charge;

 • Be fully NIMS (National Incident Management System) compliant as defined by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (or be actively working towards full NIMS compliance); and

 • Actively support and implement the “Whole Community Approach to Emergency Management” as defined by the Federal Emergency Management Agency [read that here] by engaging non-governmental and citizen volunteer organizations to the fullest practical extent.

Our present services include:

 • Assistance with emergency planning and documentation of those plans

 • Participation with your team in the development, planning, execution, evaluation, and follow-up reporting of emergency drills and exercises in compliance with HSEEP standards (I will help, but I won’t do it for you)

 • Administrative support of your organization, particularly with the development of by laws, policies, and procedures

 • Web site design, development, and maintenance

Our qualifications and experience:

 • Education (AA, Administration of Justice; BA, Business Administration; MBA, Organizational Management; DMin, College Administration and Curriculum Development)

 • Law Enforcement (7 years)

 • Emergency Services Dispatcher (4 years)

 • Medical Technician (14 years)

 • Commercial/Industrial Security including both physical and IT security (15 years)

 • Disaster Recovery and Contingency Planning Management (9 years)

 • Policies and Procedures Development, Documentation, and Administration (35+ years)

 • Non-Profit Incorporation, Articles of Incorporation, Constitution and By Laws (Incorporated four 501(c)(3) corporations and developed or assisted with the development of these corporate documents for at least seven non-profit organizations)

Emergency Management Training Certificates

I also provide low-cost or no-cost consulting and web design services for startup non-profits that are directly related to public safety, emergency response, or disaster preparedness.

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